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today i tested out the halos...i should've done this before installing them and sealing the lights, since the center halo on the passenger side has 3 green LEDs that don't work :(

afterwards, i went ahead and mounted up the HID components...
control box to the side of the roto-fab,

driver ballast inside the cai,

and passenger ballast under the fuse box...

then i looked for a good place in the firewall to run the halo wiring...didn't find one :( so i drilled a 3/8" hole by the hood release. wouldn't have been too hard if not for the clutch pedal, and working upside down in the car lol...i'll have to remember to pick up a grommet for the new hole tomorrow.
it looks like i'm going to have to splice the halo wiring from the passenger side to driver side, then driver side through the firewall...that was pretty much my plan anyway, just disappointed that they gave me so little wiring on the passenger side :(
Build thread linked in the pic...

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