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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I want an LS7 Z/28 as bad as most people in the Z forum but I, being a gun owner in the California, have become a realist in the future of our hobby. I know that government and it's regulations, along with the internal regulations of GM, will more than likely prevent another Z/28 along the lines of the first gen being produced ever again. It isn't the 60's where 6 MPG was acceptable, as long as it put down more power than the other guys. sure as God made apples, any Federal gun control power grab will fail, it will fall down to the States to regulate those laws as it has been....IMHO the LS7 Camaro option will be unveiled next week at NYC. It will not be a Z/28, more along the lines of a special model, like the XM, Dusk, or other limited special production we have seen. Maybe even a 1LE performance package. Yes, it's not the 60's anymore, it's the new millenium 60's, with comfort and technology,....but.....peak oil is upon us, new energy intiatives and sources must be brought to market for our energy independance and our survival. We must get away from an uncertain world that grows more dangerous and is less friendly to our interests. We must find a way to leave behind that special interest need that we spend too much blood and treasure on..
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