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Black Beauty becomes a Hotwheels Camaro for the weekend.

The Carl Casper 50th Anniversary Custom Carshow In Louisville KY. was BB's first showing for 2013. It started out rough. As you all know, we drive her to every event she attends, although trailering her to this event did cross our minds. It had snowed some the day before ,and was forecasted to rain part of the day. I had spent a solid week detailing her from top to bottom. I almost cried when I had to pull her out of her car condo into a rainstorm but thats the life of a road warrior. She was trashed. She completed the HOT ROD POWER TOUR in 2012 a whole week on the road, and 3,000 miles round trip, and didn't look like this. I mean I got to see what she would look like brown. She had been touched by dirt, and mud in places she hadn't been touched before. So you get the picture. When we arrived it was bath time. We pulled in at 9:00 a.m., and had to have her ready to show by 4:00. We finished her at 3:30. I have to admit she looked liked she belonged on a hotwheels track. We were in a hotwheels display with members from the Music City Camaro/ Central KY Camaro Clubs. Brian,Phil,Donnie,Dave, who had both his camaros there including the real Hotwheels Edition Camaro, and myself Jeff, AKA
(The Camaro Whisperer) By the end of the weekend everyone in our display had won awards. Although Black Beauty didn't win her class, she placed second. Donnie my best friend, won 1st place which was still a win for me. Black Beauty still soared to the top at this show by capturing the International Show Car Association 2013 Street Achievement Best Modern Muscle Car of the Show Award. Now how sweet is that.
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