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Black Beauty's Story Continues: One man's dream, one car's destiny. and one woman's l

My wife's love for me enabled me to live out my dream of owning an award winning camaro. Although Black Beauty was her first new vehicle she shared it with me.Through her patience, and understanding of what I was trying to achieve, her support, and willingness to give up some things she wanted for awhile, I was able to achieve my dream. This camaro has by far been the best car I have ever owned. Black Beauty has been an everyday driver, a dragrace winner, a super chevy dyno contestant, led a parade,been on the oval at Indy, won numerous awards, a contender any where she goes, became a Hot Rod Power Tour Long Hauler, driven to every event she attends, played Rudolph The Red Nosed Camaro, been a Hot Wheels Camaro for a weekend, pictured in a magazine, featured in a video interview for a gulf coast automotive show, used as a vacation car, attended a wedding as the bride, & grooms car. She has been driven in rain, sleet , snow, ice, and mud while encountering nails in her tires, an oil leak, an electrical problem,a water leak, a scratched wheel, had one rocker panel gouged, railyard dust embedded in paint, Been stuck in gravel at a rivers edge while on the power tour, (don't ask), road rash on her nose while on the power tour so bad it had to be repainted,She is loved by many, hated by few, and respected by most because of her achievements. She is truly a modern day hot rod. She will be used as our 25th wedding anniversary vehicle in April, and will get to put her wheels in the sand, & see the ocean for the first time. My wife, and I met, & fell in love on a beach, how appropriate for us to celebrate our silver anniversary there. I have been blessed to have had two beauties in my life, and Tammy I've always told you one day, I would tell the world how much I love you, and within in this story, and all the carshows we've attended, and people we've met, and friends that have become our family, all the road trips together, through the community of Camaro 5 , & Gods presence within our marriage. This is my world, and I love you with every ounce of the blood of christ that runs through my veins. I always have, and always will. You Tammy are my angel waiting on wings. Thank you.

Tammy, you always kid with me, and tell me, even though Black Beauty belongs to you,you see me all over that car. Everytime you look at her you think of me. That is how I intended it to be, in case something ever happens to me. I want you to take her for a spin, & I will be riding shotgun with you, and you will know I'm there. The same way I knew my father rode shotgun with me that night at the dragstrip.

I'll leave you all with this for now until the next chapter begins;

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A trophy does not make you a winner, It's the people you meet, the sharing of your love,and knowledge, and helping others to become better, along your journey to accepting the award, is what makes you a winner.
March 16, 2013
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