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Let's start off with a couple thank - you's

Keith, Thank - you for the help in getting this changed over so that I can help to get it updated.

Milk1027, Thank - you for starting this thread. Great start and will be even better once I have some time to put into the work on it.

Tran, Thank - you for providing me with the OP, so that I can bring this thread up to speed on our performance parts.

To EVERYONE else, Please help me out and offer up posts of new performance items that you may have to include on the list. I know many of them already, matter of fact almost all of them. However, it will take some time to get them listed.

If anyone has any ideas they want to see added, please post it up or send me a PM.

I am looking at the one for the LFX to get more ideas on what to do with this performance list.

What I can tell you so far is I will not be listing anything to do with Mufflers as we already have a FANTASTIC sticky that covers all of that information.

I will be looking to add some items for handling and suspension, but will not be getting into the detail shown on the LFX page. That looks like a ton of work.

So with that said, look for some changes to start showing up by the end of the week.

I started a sheet at home to work with first and then will copy it to the forum once I have some of it worked out.
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