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Originally Posted by Ninjak View Post
Welp, being a Mustang owner it depends on how much power he tried to put down. It is well known in the Mustang community that anything over 450~460 to the wheels, on a stock block, you are now on borrowed time.

I have seen those procharger kits put out 500+ RWHP on a GT. So yeah, if your going for those big dyno numbers, on the stock block, well things can, and will in your nephews case, go boom.

It is unclear atm how much a stock LS3 can take. I asked this very question in the 600+RWHP supercharger thread, but did not really get a clear answer....
Lol, sorry, this is not a mustang. 500 rwhp is nothing on these engines, many survive at 700 rwhp for quite some time, that is where you have to start saving for a forged internal short block.
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