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Originally Posted by Foster26 View Post
rings don't seal and valves don't seat very well with synthetic oils. Motors should be broken in with conventional oil as a little wear is needed for these things to happen. I plan on changing mine to Amsoil after 3K miles.
Myth, total myth.

My 2009 CTS came wit synthetic oil and has over 3,000 miles on he oem and has not used a drop of oil. My 2005 CTS came with synthetic oil and it was the same, never used oil.

They do not change the oil at the factory, what they put it stays there till the customer changes it. The engine is not run until it is fired up near the end of the assembly line. Fyi-You car get a lot of use before you get it. It may have less than 10 miles on but before it left the plant is had to undergo validation where its run on a dyno up to 75pmh for a period of time to pass emissions and to certify all components work. I seen them run the Corvette's thru this validation and its not babied. It rolls on the ramps and they slam to pedal to floor and bring it up to 75mph for a period of time. When everything pass's the test, a green light comes on and the doors to the special room open and they drive either to repair or to the water test.

All these GM cars/truck come with synthetic oil

# All Cadillac Vehicles
# Chevrolet Corvette C6 and Z06
# Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS
# Cobalt SS S/C Coupe
# Pontiac Solstice GXP
# Saturn Ion Red Line and Saturn Sky Red Line

One of the myths surrounding synthetic oils is that new engines require a break-in period with conventional oil. The fact is, current engine manufacturing technology does not require this break-in period. As indicated by the decisions of the engineers who design the high-performance cars listed above, Mobil 1 can be used starting the day you drive the car off the showroom floor.

Here is a reply from someone I know in GM Powertrain at St Catharines (Canadian engine plant).

Re: Any Camaro engines coming with Synthetic oil?
Reply on: April 30, 2009, 12:38:56 PM

Yep, Mobil 1 in Camaros and Vettes, some trucks as well.
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