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Originally Posted by Deke736 View Post
I've been waiting for your controllers to be released since seeing your car in Indy last August! I'm getting ready to redo my entire lighting system for this Spring show season, so I am hoping to see your products soon!
Thanks. The system is even better than at Indy. We've done a lot of work since then.

Originally Posted by DuhKoDuh View Post
Dang i like that video! Prices? Will you guys personally install?
Prices will be released very soon. We will try to help you find an installer if you don't want to do it yourself. We are a manufacturer, and we will be looking for dealers to handle installs.

Originally Posted by CamaroI View Post
I am interested in this system and wondering how easy it will be to wire up to exsiting system that has TONS of lights. So far all the lights I have are RGB underglow, RGB halos, RGB Wheel lights, RGB Fender lights, RBG Scanner light, Single Color Engine Lights, RBG Underhood Bowtie, RGB Grill Lights, Single Red foot well lights, RGB cupholder light, ACS white pod lights. Curious to see how this all wires up. Currently have it running into Two Control Boxes and routed to Emblem Pros cupholder switch plate and Arm rest Switch Plate.

Looking forward to seeing pricing and what Models I will need to add even more lighting options in the future
We'll probably want to set up a phone call after pricing is announced. We can help plan the larger systems.

Originally Posted by awfarley View Post
Sweet, more led products!
Gotta love the lighting.
You're right!
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