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My best time at the track was actually on June 29th, 2012. I ran a 14.535 @ 96.95 mph in 4158 DA, so the corrected time was 13.793 @ 102.216 mph. That was with a stock throttle body and a K&N Aircharger intake. The best time after my current mods was on November 9th, 2012. Ran a 14.501 @ 97.39 mph in 2425 DA, which corrected is 14.087 @ 100.317. I may take off my Plenum Spacer, that might be hurting more then helping.

For my wife, how bad is traction control on the Mustang? On the Camaro I can spin both my tires even with it on and can feel the car getting sideways if I get too aggressive on the launch. My wife says she can floor it from the dig and the car will not move around at all. I'm going to try to take her out somewhere to turn off traction control to let her feel how the car moves around and how to correct it if its bad. Her car has a lot of potential, she just needs confidence in launching the car without it hitting the wall.

Right now I think the track is still a little slick but will get better as more cars go. They need to tell people to turn off their AC's though. Don't know when we will be out there again, new house is taking some of our play time away.
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