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Originally Posted by 2011 RJT View Post
Cool! But another question. In the video the halos do the heartbeat with the grill. Can the halo's be set to a) a different color other than the grill and b)can the halos stay static with the grill breathes? I guess what I'm asking is Can different strips be on seperate channels and be programmed to do different things and have different colors?
Like can I have the grill do a gold heartbeat The halos set to static red and the engine bay set to red but strobing?
Yes to all of your questions. Pretty flexible, huh? That is why I showed the undercarriage doing random colors, the halos and the grill running a heartbeat, and the driving lights / turn lights strobing at the same time, and then in a different segment having one halo heartbeat green, while the other one and the grill doing it in red.

Each light is assigned to a "channel". You give that channel a name, such as "Halo-L". When you create a program, you assign one or more channels to it. You can run multiple programs at the same time.
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