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Originally Posted by mike@newera View Post
Lol, sorry, this is not a mustang. 500 rwhp is nothing on these engines, many survive at 700 rwhp for quite some time, that is where you have to start saving for a forged internal short block.
Wow...Ok I am pretty sure I did not compare a 4.6 to a 6.2 engine...
Thus the reason why I said I am unsure HOW MUCH a stock Ls3 can take. The poster was referring to his nephew's MUSTANG.
Originally Posted by Dr Jekel View Post
What will this sytem do to your engine? My nephews 2005 Mustang GT's motor blew, cracked or broke three pistions with this system, not dogging just asking
For a stock 4.6(289) 500RWHP is the limit of safety on that stock block. The ATI system on a MUSTANG can put out well over the threshold for that car. Thus that can be the reason why his nephew car went boom...

If the camaro LS3 can take 600+ RWHP or more on stock internals, than thats a wonderful thing. I guess we will start to find out just exactly what the breaking points will be soon enough.
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