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Wow, two days in a row. This time I was coming from dropping my pants off at the tailors, and my brother points out another SIM Camaro turning on to Stumberg Lane. I'm like (on the inside of course because we were in the car again). I was trying to get my brother to catch up to it, and he started to, but he saw a police in the rearview. The speed limit was 40, but the Camaro was going like 50 or 55mph. So my brother got into the other lane to let the cop pass. It was kind of funny, because with all the cop stories on here, I knew the cop was following him, and sure enough he was. Almost at the end of the road, the Camaro pulled in to some apartments, I thought that was where he lived, but shortly after, the cop pulled in, and that was when the Camaro pulled out. I was at the police for doing that.

Its kind of funny, because both times I saw one, it was doing church related stuff.
It was reported that one of my brethren auto writers of the day fell into the trap and asked Chevrolet officials, “What is a Camaro?” “A small, vicious animal that eats mustangs,” Chevy said. Game on, Ford.
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