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had it for two years, eventually the EXTREMELY loud exhaust (ask sc2150 on the forum. it was loud.) started giving me toothaches and headaches from hearing it so often. For the first year and a half I loved the exhaust, but I got used to it since the car was my daily driver, so all i started seeing in it were negatives. Starting it up on my way to work at 6 am is the equivalent to someone waking you up by screaming in your ear.

The car was supercharged and made about 600 horsepower which was awesome till stuff started breaking and I ran into a million problems. Eventually I was repairing something every 2 or 3 weeks. It took 2 months just to solve one problem that turned out to be a MAP sensor, but I almost replace the entire ECU because NO ONE could pin it down, so I just guessed.

Another big thing was how paranoid I was. When you spend 2 years completely customizing the car, and I mean COMPLETELY. Like, I repainted the entire thing, new spoiler, new front bumper, new hood, custom wheels that took 6 months to make, and all this stuff. I got really paranoid of leaving it anywhere or even driving it. I knew if anyone hit me or i got in a wreck, i'd be paying TONS to fix it and get it exactly how it was.

I couldn't drive it in the rain because of traction, and I could have fixed this by buying suspension components, but I was already spending so much to maintain it (dont forget the 8mpg cause of how rich i had it running), I didnt want to put even more into it.

If this was a weekend car or a track car, I would still have it, but I just couldn't live with it anymore. I had to get something else. I wound up with a 2008 BMW M3 and a 2012 Maserati Granturismo. If I'm completely honest, I wish I kept it. I miss the car. I shouldn't have sold something I put so much work into. Should've bought the M3 and kept the Camaro as a weekender

To be honest if you show how desperate and willing you are to buy the car, than that only raises the value that much more. Am I wrong?
I'm not desperate, I'm just trying to locate it.

Originally Posted by QUICKSS View Post
Same exact car was totalled a few months back. Decided to take it out in the rain, lol.
Doubt it. If you have proof, that'd be something to see.

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