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Originally Posted by 2010CamaroRS View Post
ive run there 3 times..

autocross at limerock is far different than anywhere else...since you are using the track itself and not one created on an airstrip or a parking lot somewhere

a road course is really the ultimate test for your get answers to a lot of questions...

1. what tire should I run if I plan to autox multiple times a season
2. do i need suspension upgrades (likely yes ZL1 or not)
3. should i wear a diaper when I hit the track (likely yes since youre autoxing a ZL1 lol)

ive had luck of being able to be pretty much WOT for the majority of the track all 3 times ive been on it...but none of them we're for a sanctioned autox event...just leisure as I was attending their annual Memorial Day weekend car show which takes place on the frontstretch

what a blast...i cant wait to do the actual autox days there this season...

i was lucky enough to get a track tour so i know how to enter and exit each turn
Cool. I am looking forward to running the car on the track without diapers. I am not sure how often I will do it but have a feeling I may get a little addicted.
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