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Modern day engine components and technology don't require conventional oil for break-ins. It is just the advancement of technology these days.

As for the original poster:

I changed my oil and filter at 489 miles. Put Mobil 1 and K&N filter on it.

I then changed it again at 1601 miles. Once again, Mobil 1 and K&N filter.

They say you don't need to change until 1500 miles, but I rather be safe and give it a nice healthy supply of clean oil during break-in.

As for Royal Purple or Mobil 1 - this is a disputed argument between many. They are both FANTASTIC oils! I am a Mobil 1 man, I only ever put Mobil 1 in for anything - including the rear-end fluid I changed. However, my neighbor is a Royal Purple fan - only puts Royal Purple in.

What are the advantages of either? Well, other than price for Mobil 1 compared to Royal Purple, not much. They are both synthetic and both very good oils. Just some people swear by one or the other.

If you want to go with Royal, go ahead - 1500 miles put it in. If you want to stick with what was in the engine to begin with, put Mobil 1. It is just up to you as to which you prefer, but both will be fine.
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