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Originally Posted by InvaderMoose View Post
Thank you very much

I hope I do too. I admit the M3 is tons of fun. I love being able to take a corner at 70mph without breaking the tires loose, but in a straight line its like a fat dog. I like how comfortable and luxurious it is, but its just a BMW. I dont even bother washing it because I just dont feel like it's special and upgrading an M3 is insane. For you guys that dont know, here's what mods on an M3 cost

Average exhaust is 4-$6,000. M performance is 2,600 and is the cheapest you will ever find for an M3

A supercharger is $8,600 for just 450 RWHP. The biggest supercharger available is $16,500 for 540 RWHP. pitiful.

Front lip? $3,000 easy.
Spoiler? Lucky to find one under $1,000
Intake? $1,000+

It's absolute robbery. After 10,000 miles I had to replace my intake FILTER.... 400 FREAKING BUCKS.
Wow, those are insane prices! But what'd you expect, it's a BMW after all

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