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Originally Posted by Vader2011v6 View Post
Thanks for adding me on the FI list. Here's my dyno.i tried out another tune so ill show you the other numbers . Hopfully they'll be improved . Ill be running y car at the track in a few weeks.
That dyno is showing probably 75plus HP less than you are actually making....the jagged lines are the false knock from that specific dyno. If you have the IPF kit your around 400 rwhp actually so bring it to the track if anyone says it isn't fast....we cant get the LLT's to dyno on most dyno's w/out all the false knock.

Originally Posted by MyWorld View Post
Me too.

I have a BorgWarner EFR rear mount installed by Tracy.

Please remove that I had a STS and remove the numbers... New numbers are not available for my new setup.

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We have been doing a steady stream of STS conversions....the design for the V6 is a sure recipe for turbo failures.

The last one were at 10-12# with a single EFR turbo (same model Gretchen has twins of) w/out fuel issues.

Our all wheel drive loaded dyno will be here April 8th, so we can do more work on isolating the false knock most dyno's show.

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