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Originally Posted by 376LS3 View Post
So how do I know which harness I need? On the GEN5DIY website, there are 2 options, ones $90, and ones $170. I am doing OEM RS lights. During the day, I want no lights on at all. I would like the halos to come on when the parking lights are on, and would like control over the the foglights with the HIDs on. Which harness do I need? Ready to buy ASAP, need by next week. Thanks!
The lesser harness will keep the lights on in the day time, the outer will not.

Originally Posted by Rafael205 View Post
If you want no lights on during the day, I believe you will wanna go with the $170 harness. Here is a great thread to better answer your question.
It even has a video of how the $170 harness works.
Thanks for the help.

Originally Posted by camaro2lt View Post
here is a quick video about the non rs to rs harness from ofer

Thank you.
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