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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
Always liked it for my Black Vette, I said to hell with trying new stuff, stick with an old standby, I think you'll agree it worked out. BTW thanks Moose for the stripe waxing tips!
You're very welcome! Your Camaro looks awesome!

Originally Posted by nards444 View Post
yeah i think some of this new stuff is gimic and waste of money and time(zaino). Not all waxes are equal but with a clay bar and any wax on the shelf they all seem to be the same. I dont use it now I use mothers but Nufinish seems to have been some of the best stuff Ive ever used.
Zaino has been around for a long time.

There are other products available which do a great job of providing an incredible shine and good protection. It's been my experience that Zaino offers the best durability.
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