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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Round 5 - Must...go...faster....Plumbing 12/2012

I thought i might be done, after the 4th round...but i lost some close races to those camaros, so had to do something to take a couple 10ths off. So went route of a Brian Tooley blower cam.

Since i installed the smaller pulley, i had to run Torco fuel additive for the extra octane. Torco does some nasty stuff inside the engine. To prepare for more HP, had to upgrade fuel system and added Meth for a little more octane. While the rear cradle and tank were dropped also installed all new bushings (this is the only DIY project i wish i didn't do! What a pain.).
  • ZL1 Fuel Pump & ADM FPCM
  • BMR Rear Cradle Bushing Kit, Pro Version (BK030)
  • BMR Rear Suspension Bushing Kit (BK021)
  • FIC 1000cc
  • Alky Control Meth Kit w/trunk tank (
  • Corsa catback w/diamond tips - couldn't stand the drone from the flowmaster (i was able to fix it originally w/j pipes, but after the headers and SC, i didn't have any luck) - absolutely love the corsa
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