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So.... after my last mishap with painting the engine cover and after sitting on the idea for awhile going back and fourth between which color to paint it.. IOM... white... or both.. or whatever it maybe be i decided to go with this look instead. It might not be everyones cup of tea but i like the look because its different and breaks away from the traditional painting the side rails the body color. Eventually i will have the IOM strut bar that goes across adding another pieces of IOM to the bay which will look nice i think. I added some paint to the lettering and v8 on the cover as well as drilled some screws i found in the garage to give it a nice touch.

I still need to clear it once the weather becomes warmer out so until then its going to look like this with all the little scratches that it had prior to painting.

The red/orange ink i had was from my art class that matched dead on just about to the IOM color so i used that for my lettering

did 3 coats of the orange (this was one coat)

screws made a nice finishing touch (just need to cut the ends under the cover so they don't hit anything)
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