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Originally Posted by Belam View Post
Ok finally I had my job done .I just want to update something maybe helpful to the orthers .I figured out my OWN way that you don't have to deal with the high beam , very simple . Go to autozone buy an H13 female socket around 7 bucks (optional) if you want to keep your relay uncut ,and 3 quick splices .I don't want to cut mine so I used that (H13) to connect to the relay and it has 3 wires coming out from that to splice them in the FACTORY HARNESS (Very important that you make sure which wire is conect to which between three of them because they make it different color) .
Basically doing this will give you a (Y) that your factory H13 will split into 2 directions ,one to your eagle eye bullb and the other one to the relay harness .This way you will be still be able to use the high beam solenoid (with out disconnecting or touching anything that is inside your eagle eye ) and your relay harness it self .
Now all you have to do is take off your halogen bulb ,tape up the bulb conector really well ,and make a hole through the grommet (it use to seal the inside of the head light from element) .put your HID bulb in place ,run the wire through the grommet and just connect it to ballast .Everything esle is the same way how you hook your relay harness.
On the passenger ,just unplug the halogen bulb tape the connector up leave it alone in the housing .Put your HID bulb in run the wires through grommet and connect it in to the ballast .DO NOT disconnecting the Green Factory H13 from the headlight you need this to energize the high beam solenoid .

Hey that's awesome! I never thought about doing it that way
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