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Originally Posted by menendez1293 View Post
Under the ported manifolds shouldn't Mace be listed as well? I thought they were still doing them. But overall great work I can't wait till I can get some more performance mods into mine.
Thank - you for the info. I wll add them to the list shortly. I fogrot about them having that option for us.

Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
I did not see the Black Iceolator & other manifold insulators. This is a good one!

It is listed under Intake Manifold Spacers. And Yes, I do like this MOD, one of the best ones under the bang for the buck catagory.

Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Yea mace did mine back in December, and it was about $375.

Not sure if rtcat updated since this post but I did not see the Rx 1in think spacer on the list.

Also it might be worth adding the SLP 25% underdrive pulley?

Thanks for the tip on the cost for the Mace manifold. I will add it shortly.

I was not aware of the 1" spacer from RX. I will check into that and add it to the list.

Good call on the Underdrive Pulley. I will add that shortly.
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