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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Install begins

Had my friend meet me when I got home and we got to work. About 7 hours later, we were done underneith the car (I hope). We installed the new RXT clutch, dropped the engine in, installed a tick remote clutch speed bleed line, reinstalled tranny, drive shaft, headers and exhaust! Attached most of the bolt-ons up top as well (besides the whipple and coil packs due to waiting on parts).

I'm currently waiting on push rods (custom size), and Kurt Urban LS Water Vapor System to bridge from all 4 corners of the heads vs. front 2 only. (will add pics when installed).

I had some issues w/the 10-rib pully kit...will follow up on that tomorrow. Removing the pulley from the water pump is a b!%^&. Still haven't gotten it off.
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