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Originally Posted by nikos30 View Post

Wayyyy too excited to get these on...Couldn't stop smiling when I saw this.
Attachment 489226

Caliper covers and the DT shorties waiting to go
Attachment 489227

finally on and I freakin love them. I get more looks now then I first bought the car. Everybody gives either a thumbs up or a nod (of respect I'm hoping)
Attachment 489228

close up of the caliper covers
Attachment 489229

decent pic of the caliper covers
Attachment 489230

I would like to thank IDEALG and WHEELWAREHOUSE from the camaro5. They were both extremely nice guys that helped me out a lot. It is nice knowing that there are good-hearted and honest people out there.

TCAT isnt the only one with them (in gloss black) on a camaro now
Now THAT'S badass!!! It looks absolutely stunning man! I can't help but say, didn't I tell you they would look bitchin'?!!! They are LIGHT, affordable, AND look incredible. You couldn't want any more than that . Make sure to use a sealant type of wax on them (when they are perfectly clean ovsiouly), and make sure you don't park close to curbs. LOL
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