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Originally Posted by wbdinger View Post
Qjets, holley, AFB's all easy to tune. Make sure all vacum lines/ports are plugged or used.
1- make sure your timing is set correctly
2-set the base idle speed 750ish in neutral
3- #1 idle screw, turn it out or in until max rpm is gained, the turn back in till rpm drops 10-20rpm
4- reset idle speed 750 rpm
5- #2 idle screw same as #1
6- reset idle speed again to 750

The rpm speed at idle is for a stock to slightly cammed motor.
In gear it should beat about 600rpm.

Hope this helps bud if not come on out to Exshaw

Thanks! Once I put the rebuild kit in (early December) I set the base and have left it at that (had to do it by ear as the tach isn't working yet)....I got sidetracked on the front suspension and rebuild. Then I installed the headers and exhaust, as I wanted to set the carb once I had finished the exhaust and with the weather getting warm enough and streeets are clear enough I can maybe get a chance to play with the car a bit too.

It's all an exercise in patience!
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