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Originally Posted by cam2fst4u View Post
Yea I know that..... Just thought maybe he'd have his laptop when he stopped at a hotel for the night...... He isn't going to drive straight through is he?
Yep...I had the laptop. But, after being told the hotel had wifi, I quickly checked out the internet and for some reason it wouldn't connect. I tried breaking out the handy dandy cell phone and that was ALSO down.... So, bad connection, bad reception...I dunno....but, I was really hoping to get on and give some updates. I made it from Carlisle, PA to Memphis, TN and hit the sack....driving from 8:30 to noon. Took the wife to the airport after stopping at Walmart and the last hotel (someone snagged my wife's bag of jewelry at the first hotel which we went to look for)...and dropped off the wife at the airport at 1:30. So, 1:30 to 12:30 from Pitt to Memphis. Not bad. finished it off w/ an 8am to 5pm drive from Memphis to San Antonio.
Originally Posted by SK360 View Post
Car looked good this weekend Tag!

That guy with the Orange SS must have put 200 miles on his car driving around the fairgrounds alone this weekend... he was everywhere! lol
Thank you very much! Driving around the fairgrounds really is the way to go. I time we go out there, we are taking a cart or a way am I going to walk that much next time....ugh....
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