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Originally Posted by Oxtar41 View Post
It's not that. It's out of respect for Ted because he ask's that they are not to be givin out. I'm 24 years old and have more respect then you guys. He worked hard to devlope a product that works and doesn't want it passed around what's so hard to understand. It may not be a big deal to you but maybe it is to him? And its just not JRE I'm sure a lot of companies don't want something they worked hard on to be tossed around. It's just common courtesy, don't be a D-bag.

See, read what JRE said below...

Originally Posted by JANNETTYRACING View Post
No Worries guys, There is Way more to Cam Profiles, than the Advertised Specs on the box.

Besides I own the rights to this profile with Comp Cams, and they will not grind this cam for anyone else.

Thank you all for your concern and continued support.


#1) I knew he owned the rights to the cam as well as any other shop who works hard at developing cams.
#2) It's obvious you are 24, by calling people names on a forum because they disagree with what you say. It's a forum...little boy!! Grow up.
#3) Mr. 24 year old, you call up JRE and say give me the specs to your cam before I give you any money and see what he tells you or any other company. Then what's the purpose of "selling them" if you are gonna so-called "give" them away to anybody who call's your business phone?
#4) Since we are proving point, my point was proven that it isn't a big deal to JRE. He said so himself. I know he would rather them stay more secret, but it called "BUSINESS." You cannot stop the inevitable. If you could, then Chevy would be raging mad everytime someone resold a 2010 Camaro instead of having that person buy one from Chevy themselves. You don't hear Chevy crying about, "HEY, GUYS ARE RUNNING AROUND RESELLING OUR CAMARO'S!!"

I'm done guys!!

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