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I own a 2010 2SS. In February while traveling the east to west coasts of Florida I noticed the temperature in the car increasing. Placing the AC at MAX cold and full fan did not change anything. I could feel cold air but very little air and a lot of vapors. In addition there was a whining sound. The 1st trip to the dealership resulted in "no trouble found". After having a dealer service rep ride with me on the FL Turnpike he agreed there was an issue. The 2nd stay at the dealership resulted in them replacing the air compressor which they stated had been over charged. Other than oil changes the dealership was the only hands that touched my Camaro. They had no record at the dealership of having charged the system. Nonetheless the new compressor did not change the issue. The 3rd trip to the dealership resulted in "everything is normal". Funny that it was not "normal" the 1st 18 months that I owned the card. Again a dealer rep road with me on the turnpike with similar results. The car is now at the dealership for the 4th time. They said that a code was generated and that the was a failure of one modue; an intermittent failure of another module; and, a short. I am hoping to pick up the car tomorrow. And by the way he also were working with GM reprogramming modules prior to replacing the compressor. Obviously all of that was in vain. If you are having trouble with your dealership over an AC issue I would encourage you to contact GM in Detroit (866-790-5700). Open a problem ticket with them and leave it open until either the car is fixed or they escalate to the GM District representative. I could not take advantage of the Florida Lemon Law because even though my Camaro is under warranty it is over 24 months old. Dealerships do not like hearing from Detroit or the GM District representative so put on the pressure. Don't let them tell you that you don't have a problem. Also even if you are a couple of miles within your warranty expiration once you report it to GM and have an incident record your car will be repaired for that issue even when the warranty expires. I hope this info helps. I will post another message as soon as I get the replacement part numbers and confirm that the issue has been resolved.
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