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Originally Posted by charlie46 View Post
O.K. lets start with a 2ss 37k + 5k motor + 5k brakes +3k wheel package +2k air =52k +10k in market adjustment( dealer's way of screwing us) =62k
I would use a 1LE 1SS as a base instead of a 2SS since this car will be a bare bones car.

$37k is the base price of a 1SS 1LE though. The motor is more than $5k, at least double that, brakes are closer to $10k+, tires alone on this car will be more than $2k so you're probably looking at $5-6k for wheels and tires, $3k for Recaros, $5k for body components and $900 for exhaust.

That's $71k for just those items.
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