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Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
I think the chrome strip is part of the RS package.
The Z28 cannot get the RS package so HID headlights and the LED tail lights are out.
Looking forward to 1LE info and design as well!
I believe he meant as in buying them and swapping them out yourself.

Originally Posted by RiCEADDiCTBOY View Post
So the GFX is discontinued...

...SOOOOOO... What does that mean for us that had it installed part of our car build? How long will they maintain supply? Also, if down the road something happens to the front end - does that mean we can't get it replaced?
It is deleted for the 2014 model only... 2013's will still have them and of course you will be able to buy a replacement. I don't recall the time span but they have to for so many years.

Originally Posted by 5thGenIndy500 View Post
Hmmmm no HID, no LEDs, no cushion in the rear seats, no speakers and heck they even removed the wiring to save a pound. So it’s not going to be easy to retrofit. Did I miss something or couldn’t you always order the Z28 RPO with all trim levels and an automatic?? What about a Z28 Vert?? Finally after waiting for what seemed a lifetime for the Z28 to return it comes in only one limited model flavor… Hmmmm
If they did all that it wouldn't be true to the Z/28 name from what I understand.

Overall I really like the new design. LS7 FTW!!! And a color HUD and DIC finally! The rear is growing on me, if I were to buy one it would be a Z/28, I'd swap the tail lights perhaps, and drop in some aftermarket Fog lights.

But I am curious, the photos show a stereo in the Z/28? How does that work if there is only one speaker for the door chime? Speakers would be a nice option like the optional A/C. I want a Z/28, but it does not have to be the lightest thing on the track, if so I could just drop 100 pounds from my waist and call it a day...
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