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Well all those nutjobs got what they wanted!! I am really disappointed, because I am one of those, I kept saying that if they put the LS7 in the Camaro it would cost ZL1 money and everyone scoffed!! If they really wanted it to be true to heritage, they would have built a motor for it, and engine no bigger than a 5.7L..again you guys will say hey that costs money to do that, but what are you paying for now? How much money do you think went into the development of this car to begin with!!?? I am sad that I waited so long and had hope, but I will never be able to sit in one let alone purchase one. I will have better luck finding a '68 Z/28 and restoring that, or hell even buying a body in white and starting from scratch...well wait a minute I can't do that because it would be illegal to drive on the street, even to go to a car show! The thing is, all those Damn over stock LS7's are sitting in a warhouse and they had to go into something and GM knew that, if my opinion were worth a crap, and they really wanted to use the LS7 all along, they should have started with the 1SS/1LE and added the LS7. They went all out to put this thing out of the hands of many buyers and that sucks. Am I whining? Of course, but I don't need carbon ceramic brakes and improved ground effects to 210MPH and shell out 60K just to have some fun around a track 2-3 times a year. Very sad day, sorry had to get it out.
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