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Originally Posted by Skidpuppy View Post
GM stated that they don't anticipate selling many, and I quote "Alan Batey, General Motors' U.S. sales chief, said the company doesn't expect to sell a lot of Z/28s, but the car does bring back some of the brand's heritage from days when it dominated U.S. roads."

If it was cheap(er), everyone would have one.
Ha ha well to argue that point, the only reason back in the late 60's there wasn't a such thing as the internet and a lot of people had no idea what the "Z28" option was and that's why they didn't sell many of them. It wasn't because it wasn't affordable to many. Does the new Z/28 bring back credibility to the Chevy brand...absolutely, they went all out, but also it will put a bad taste in many "enthusiasts" mouths because they can't afford to go out and get one. This car was only built to be able to read about it in magazines and such. This car will not dominate U.S. roads because it will not be on them, it will dominate at the track because that is the only place it will be feasible to drive it on(after you trailer it there!)
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