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Originally Posted by black34v6 View Post
Toss a Z/28 badge on it and suddenly everyone loves it.

I'll say what I said before - I'm not a fan of the hood vent. I know why it's there now - but I still wish they executed it better. I've liked the front fascia treatment all along, the taillights look better with a professional pic and not what we saw on a SD broadcast (proper lighting and all that).

Throwback to 1969 - that's what they are aiming for and I will agree, they hit that mark. The car is honestly a race car you can drive on the street. Buy on saturday, race on sunday.

They've done good in the mechanics department. The car just needs a different hood and it would be perfect. I'm glad they brought back the Z/28 - I'm on the fence about the fact that the car still weighs in @ 3900lbs (the ZL1 is 4100 - 300 = 3900lbs).

Still a pig - but the LS7 will help with that a bit. Still. If GM plans to keep the Camaro Z/28 moniker alive through to the alpha platform, I think that I will be choosing that route. We'll have to see...

I believe 4100-300=3800 haha it's ok everyone has those moments
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