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Originally Posted by 2011RS/SS View Post
it actually might make more power than the ls7 in the Z06 since it already has a CAI on it. Biggest factor will be how free flowing that exhaust is on it.

For the HP junkies out there, I see a lot of 580rwhp H/C Z28s in the future
580rwhp is easy. The goal for a long time was 600rwhp using a hydraulic and a standard manifold. There are setups now way over the 600rwhp mark.

Just for reference... in a 3800lbs. car that is good for a low 11 (high 10) at 130mph give or take a few up or down.

The drivetrain is what will probably make the biggest difference I think. I can remember when I picked up a 408ci for my z28 about 8-9 years ago that in a corvette, compared to a camaro the rwhp would be less (~20rwhp-~30rwhp) in the vette. Drivetrain made the difference.. different tolerances, different coefficient of friction, etc. nothing else changed.

But I finished reading that the Z28 will be more expensive than the ZL1. Well... that is just horrible news. I Kinda killed the excitement from yesterday for me.
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