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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
That's true. But it doesn't mean GM should jack up the price to insure it doesn't make it to the track or be suitable for garage queens. Right? I mean stripped down it shouldn't cost what they're going to charge for it. Plain and simple.
I think you might be reading too much into this "stripped down" thing...I know it sounds ridiculous and bass-ackwards, but I truly believe that to change it to a stripper is more expensive....

...Unlike the 60's where you added items, and added expense, they just don't, won't, can't do it that way these days...They probably spent more time and expense figuring out how to remove items, than they would have cost to leave in...Numerous items that were once considered optional, have long been so taken for granted in the assembly process, that to undo them probably sent them back to the drawing board for a long, long time...These deleted items are money-makers for the company when they are included, but more of a night-mare to leave out...

...As crazy as it sounds, slam me if you want, but I think it's true....and why we will never see a pick and choose laundry list of options for cars ever again...
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