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Originally Posted by KSCamaro View Post
No, I waited 2 years because I can see the future and I just wanted to post in this thread.

It's what a Z/28 is since yesterday.
And that was the point of this thread, the discussion of : Do you think GM missed the ball my making the z/28 a track only car? Yes, by a long shot.

I don't understand why so many people around here get their panties in a bunch just because they don't agree with an opinion. I think some of you missed your medication this morning.
Originally Posted by DRKS1D3 View Post
We get it, it's the REAL thing. I already commented on the original window sticker at the top of this page. Again: Base=$2,700 After all options=$3,800 An increase of 40%. An increase of 40% on a $35k SS is $49k, not $70-75k as is expected of the new Z-28. What we're saying, for the last time: So MANY people have been asking for a Z-28 since 2010. Now, 99.9% of those people that asked, will NEVER get the chance to own one because of the limited production and presumed price. As I said, it is what it is; however, many will miss out. I would pay $50k for one, but that's about it.
Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
OK well after all the bitching I have done and reading and continued depression and disappointment, I have come to this same conclusion. So many wanted the LS7 in the car and the MPG's I would guess are going to be worse than the ZL1. If it was priced for any Joe Blow to purchase, since me included would love to, and many more would buy it just for the badge, GM's CAFE rating's would suffer tremendously. So all in all, the car is built to please a select few and the hallowed name is back so it may bring butt's to the dealerships, but I am saddened, jealous, disappointed and angry that I have saved, waited and waited and saved and I won't be able to get within a "tensa-Barriers" length to seeing one much less owning one in real life. Truly sad.
Guys I here ya! It is more than I even expected and I know the original intent of the Z28. You can't fault GM for going back to their roots on this one. The Z28 was/is their Superstar Camaro and now they've thrown everything I mean everything at it. The "Car" made the name, why? Due to its capabilities based on its content formula. Unfortunately those things are more expensive than ever.
I get your math, the problem is now GM works on packages NOT options. And this package is beyond loaded. And I'm not worked up over anything just trying to explain things rationally to guys that obviously LOVE cool cars, but cool cars can be expensive.
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