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Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
No. Street version of the Boss 302 were only sold as 2012 and 2013 model years. There is no 2014 Boss nor are there plans to produce a Boss 302 in the sixth generation.

The cars you reference are sanctioned as race cars and are not street legal, the Z28 is.

Will a magazine put a Boss 302 and a z28 heads up on a track? Maybe, but they don't need Ford's blessing to do it in any case.

Too many people on here worry about what Ford has in store or what might be coming in the future. Enjoy the fact that GM gave you a Z28 and quit worrying about one-upping the competition. It's unlikely that Ford is giving two craps about offering a direct competitor to the Z28 as they are focused on getting out the next gestation of their pony car and celebrating its 50th year of continuous production.
Uh yes the 302S and 302R were announced in 2009 and were available in 2010 as 2011 models. While there will be no "production" Boss 302 these two cars will continue to be made to order and sold as 2014 cars See Links above. And yes the rags need permission from the manufacturer to do testing and comparisons. And if the didnt why didn't motortrend just go get a Boss 302 to compare to the 1LE. Because Ford said hell no and gave them a GT track pack which, and I quote "GOT IT'S ASS KICKED" by the 1LE. Yes i know the 302S and 302R are not street legal but they are track cars as is the Z/28

Im not at all worried about what the competition is doing and one upping them i just want to see two BADASS cars (maybe 3 one day when mopar gets there head out of there ass) do what they are made to do and battle it out on the track, strip and street (and sales i guess).
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