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MGaspari's 2011 IBM

Finally decided it was time to make my build thread!

Believe it or not, at first the imperial blue was my least favorite color on the camaro, but that was before i ever saw it in person. Once i saw it in person i realized that it was incredible color and not dull like i thought it was. It's definitely a unique color.

Most of my pictures are in order, from first mod to last.

Just a quick background of me and how i got my car:
I'm pretty hesitant to put this because a lot of people on here bash "teens" for having a camaro. But here it goes anyway, Im 17 and i have a camaro! Im very blessed to have such great parents and a great car. This car didn't just get handed to me because i asked for it, i worked for it, and i understood the car. Since 2009(when i was about 13) i wanted a camaro, from than to when i got the car i would send my step dad links to used camaros with decent prices just to show him how much i really wanted it. Even though i was never sure i would get one, i quickly started to work 10x harder in school to get my grades up and now im a straight "A" student. I quickly began to grasp the trim levels, different packages, wheels sizes, engine, etc. I would present that knowledge to my step dad just so he knew i didn't just want the car because its a "camaro" and it looks nice. Well anyway, last year when i was 16, my parents woke me up and we were going to do the annually yard work, planting flowers, mulching, etc(FUN)... So they left me and my little sister to do the yard work while they went to "go to the store to get more mulch".. hours went by and yes hours (like 4/5) and im still outside in the June heat doing this yard work sweating like crazy. So i get a call from my mom and she says "we just got a imperial blue camaro". i said " yea okay, your such a liar and i laughed", she went on the say how she was just kidding and i said "good because i hate the color" BOY WAS THAT THE WRONG THING TO SAY LOL , they soon come home and i was extremely surprised to see a imperial blue camaro sitting in my driveway. That was the first time i saw an imperial blue camaro in person and WOW my opinion on it quickly changed, and it's now one of my favorite colors on the camaro. I take pride in my car and treat it great in my opinion. Hope you guys enjoy my car as much as i do!

Almost all of my mods have been done by me and my step-dad, and i've learned so much on the way. From cutting up a hood, to installing an LED bowtie. This has for sure been a great journey and its not over yet!

I have a 2011 2LT/RS Imperial Blue Camaro

  • "RS" embroided headrest-$35 (Embroidery Plus in Colorado)
  • ZL1 bumper painted in IBM-$1200 installed (Maureen@RodgersChevy)
  • ACS TL1 insert painted in Satin Black-$615 (ACS Composite)
  • AAC White LED Rear Bowtie-$130 (Ivan@SouthWestSpeed)
  • AAC LED SideMarkers painted IBM-$235 (Ivan@SouthWestSpeed)
  • OEM ZL1 wheels/tires-$2500 (member)
  • OEM ZL1 wheels/tires-$2500
  • Plasti-Dipped stock 20in rims
  • Plasti-Dipped front/rear Bowties
  • Plasti-Dipped rear bezels
  • AAC ABL Footwell(SMD)-$34 (Ivan@SouthWestSpeed)
  • MRT V 1.0-$350(Forum member)
  • [B]Scosche kit
  • [B]Pioneer AVIC-X950BH navigation unit

Car Care Products:
-Griot's Orbital Polisher
-Menzerna PF2500
-Menzerna PowerLock
-DetailersDomain Pads
-Adam's Shampoo
-Adam's SVRT
-Adam's Quick Sealant
-Adam's Detail Spray
-Adam's Buterry Wax
-Optimum's No Rinse Wash & Shine

Future Mods
  • Rear Havoc Diffuser
  • Brembo Brakes
  • PowderCoated Orange calipers
  • CAI v6 intake
  • G3composites carbon fiber 4 pack gauge
  • G3 composites carbon fiber zl1 spoiler
  • Different side rockers
  • and im sure more but i can't think of it

Just to be clear, I'm not trying to say my car is a ZL1. I am aware that i have a v6 and i'm proud as well, i know some of my mods bother people because their part of the zl1's appearance but i love the zl1's exterior so much that i had to get some of it's parts .

Car as of now 3/29/13!!
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Car last year in June (Day1)
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