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Damn, I made it though the whole thread. Funny how it's changed. Bump for great info from SC2150 on page 4.

I have 18k miles on my V8, and looked at my TB. It had a slight film, then I opened the TB. Damn, it was completely covered in oil. Worse is that it's burnt black oil on the other side of the TB plate. I wiped it out, the best I could. So each to his own, I'm doing something with mine, that's for damn sure.

Also I didn't know that the vapors can reduce octane rating, or decrease gas mileage.

And just to keep this interesting. For those that are car people, that think that this kind of oil ingestion is OK to burn and turn into carbon buildup inside the engine. Do you realize how hard that carbon is? Do you know what happens when it comes loose?
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