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Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
No. Street version of the Boss 302 were only sold as 2012 and 2013 model years. There is no 2014 Boss nor are there plans to produce a Boss 302 in the sixth generation.

The cars you reference are sanctioned as race cars and are not street legal, the Z28 is.

Will a magazine put a Boss 302 and a z28 heads up on a track? Maybe, but they don't need Ford's blessing to do it in any case.

Too many people on here worry about what Ford has in store or what might be coming in the future. Enjoy the fact that GM gave you a Z28 and quit worrying about one-upping the competition. It's unlikely that Ford is giving two craps about offering a direct competitor to the Z28 as they are focused on getting out the next gestation of their pony car and celebrating its 50th year of continuous production.
I agree. Ford won't have an answer to the Z28 for at least another 2 years. Chevy came out swinging and set the definitive performance benchmark with the 1LE, Z28, and the ZL1. Kudos.

Originally Posted by NASTY99Z28 View Post
Production vs non-production!!! That really isnt a fair comparison but I think the z28 will hold it's own against a truly well built track car and be able to drive home when he's done.
Sorry man, but a street car is not touching a purpose built race car running on full on slicks. The Z28 is an amazing car, but it's still a street legal car.

Originally Posted by MichiganSRT View Post
the 302R has a race fuel cell for gosh sakes haha, maybe compare the Z/28 to a regular boss 302 but thats about it and even then theres not much.
x2. If a 1LE can beat a Boss 302, the Z28 would decimate it. Ford is lucky they ended production of them in 2013, it would be a puppy kick on Z28's end.
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