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Originally Posted by SQUALO View Post
Overall, I think GM missed the mark on the design of this car (Z/28), even with the intention of making it primarily a track car. Most previous Z's were street worthy cars (i.e. with daily immenities INCLUDED). Deleting things to make a car lighter, just doesn't sell cars. People want all the necessitites & comforts for everyday driving, along with the performance for the track, if you choose to do that (job well done on the current ZL1).

GM should not dictate how WE will drive this car, that's the owners choice, afterall, we're the ones putting out the BIG BUCKS!
Remember who your customers are, we're everyday people, NOT race car drivers!

To hear the Z is going to cost more than the ZL1 makes ABSOLUTELY no sense at all. I would soon buy the ZL1, before even considering the Z/28; after this debut, I would soon consider upgrading to a pre 2014 ZL1.

In conclusion, I hope that GM really steps back and considers these public reviews, takes them seriously, and makes better choices for the 6th Gen Camaro. If they screw up the 6th Gen design, we can kiss the Camaro name good-bye...this time FOREVER!
Again, they offer Camaros that can de driven daily with plenty of amenities. You're focusing too much on the Z28 name and are used to what it was for almost 30 years, just a Camaro with a V8 and some suspension upgrades. That's not what the Z28 started life as though.

If you all had your way, then GM would not even build this car because they already have cars in the lineup that are exactly what you're asking for, they just don't say Z28 on the fenders and decklid.
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