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Originally Posted by xjer22x View Post
Those numbers look fine for what you have done. As another member said, a dyno number is just a tool. There are so many variables from ambient temp, humidity, baro pressure. So don't worry about a dyno sheet.

The things to keep an eye on are Air Fuel Ratios. And by seeing how low your gas Milage is I would say you are running rich, not lean. They probably did a conservative tune for you.

What injectors do you have? If you are still on stock injectors, you will way yo upgrade them to at least 52lbs if you want to go over 500whp. Also look into a ZL1 fuel pump and ADM FPCM. When it comes to boost the last thing you want to lack on is your fuel system.

sent from my galaxy s3. that would explain the errors.
I used the injectors that came with the supercharger and I believe those are the 52lb injectors. The tuner said I still had room to play with those as well. So do I still got to upgrade them since I got the 52lb injectors like you said. Also, what is a good CAI when using a supercharger. I see a lot of people using the Rotofab with the adm scoop. Would I still need the zl1 fuel pump and what is the ADM FPCM? is that the boost a pump? Thanks for replying
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