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I think people need to put into perspective what GM did with that Z28. Any way you slice it, the ZL-1 model already qualifies as the "daily driver" version of their hot-rod camaro, and the ZL-1 even comes in convertible form.

The Z28 right now to the Camaro, is what a Z06 is to a Corvette. And now it has a Z06 engine in it as well.

GM Clearly had it in mind to keep the 2014 some kind of "ultra-exclusive" car.

I think the people MOST upset would be the ZL-1 owners, because they have had this feeling of "ultra-exclusive" with their car, and now there is another Camaro that is even more "exclusive" than their car.

I personally am impressed they at LEAST gave you an option to have air-conditioning for the 2014 Z28. That is really the only thing you need.

I kind of like the fact that GM forces you to think MORE about your car, and focus on your driving, then blasting your stereo with 10 speakers. Or checking your emails, making phone calls, messing with your i-pod.

If you are driving a new Z28, you do not need to be multi-tasking in your car, or drinking a crappitinno.

I don't see anything wrong with how GM decided to release the Z28 model.

It's not supposed to be a chevy suberban. They were nice and put a backseat in the Z28 when they could have removed that completely to save weight.

I will add that if they truly wanted to lower the Z28 weight, they should have found even MORE places to lose the weight. (especially for that price).

1) GET RID of that long exhaust system. that should save 300 pounds right there. have the exhaust exit directly in front of the rear wheels.

2) How about carbon fiber front fenders. Wouldn't that help?

3) Aluminum radiator? Aluminum braces under the hood? Replace any steel brace with the equivalent strength lighter weight piece.

4) carbon fiber trunk lid perhaps.

5) Rear Spoiler delete - get that off there. that would save weight. I don't care if you say it makes down force, remove it.

6) I'm sure a few of the rear control arms could have been made aluminum instead of stamped steel. There may have been some weight savings there. Perhaps not.

7) Lighter weight hood.

They probably only reduced the weight, as much as they could without comprising the way the car would react in a crash. Changing body panels was probably not an option for that reason.

To me the car is fine. It is what it is. It even has coolers for the tranny and the rear end. That was very nice. I'm not sure why everyone is so upset with this car.

OH BY THE WAY isn't a *86,000 priced COPO CAMARO more expensive than a Z28? If so, they shouldn't be saying the 2014 Z28 is the highest priced model, because it is not....

Unless the Z28 is going to cost more than $ 86,000.00? I hope not.
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