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too bad it can't be simple like:

1) pick box for coupe or convertible
2) pick box for tranny you want
3) pick box for what engine you want (any engine including the LS7)
4) pick box for power/manual seats
5) pick box for exact stereo you want
6) pic box if you WANT ceramic brake discs
7) pic box if you WANT coolers on the tranny and rear end
8) solid axle or IRS
9) pick any color you want
10) pick suspension package you want
11) pick exhaust you want

If you could do this, then you could create your OWN truly collectable car but you can't do that.

If too many people want LS7 or LSA engines, then they should just be forced to wait for the car since it takes longer to hand build those engines but they should just give you what you want.

If it takes longer and costs more to make a custom car, then let GM charge a FEE for that. People will still PAY IT.
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