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I'm sure this has been said before in the thread, but I'll say it anyway.

As impressed as I am with the Z/28's power, I'm disappointed in how they're pricing it. I'm fine with GM creating a very expensive, minimalist, barely street-legal track superstar Camaro, but let it be a regular production version of their COPO, not a Z/28. That name should be reserved for something designed to go up against the Boss 302, and although the Z/28 certainly achieves that performance-wise, the Boss is a WAY better deal for far more buyers - and is still a dammed fine track machine capable of feats beyond the skill of many buyers of either car.

For all the people on here who are hardcore believers in sticking to the heritage of the Camaro like it's Holy Writ, I'm surprised how the glare of a mighty LS7 has blinded them to the part of that heritage where the Z/28 was supposed to be a great track/enthusiast car as well as halfway affordable, and even sort of livable as a daily driver. This Z/28 does one of those things very well, but the others very poorly. I'm sure GM could have figured out a way to get the others in there too while keeping the price around $50k - again, competitive with the Boss - but they didn't, and it's a shame.

I also fear that having the Z/28 as top-dog will interfere with upgrading the ZL1 to keep up with the GT500 as Ford inevitably upgrades that.
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