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Originally Posted by mkorgan View Post
I called three of the larger Chevy dealerships in my area and the one that I bought my ZL1 from to gauge the interest they were seeing in the new Z/28. I spoke for nearly 30 minutes with the person who sold me my Z and based on that conversation and what the others told me I found these nuggets of info very interesting...

1) Only 3 calls from people who asked to be notified when they could place an order across four dealers. Everyone said that the response has been much less than anticipated, specifically after the ZL1 announcement generated an amazing amount of buzz within the first 48 hours.

2) The price of the base model Z/28 with be "significantly" higher than a based ZL1 coupe. I was told "think COPO".

3) Two of the dealers that were willing to actually talk about "rumors" told me that allocations will be 2-3 per dealer maximum and that the numbers of Z/28 builds will be "much lower" than ZL1 builds.

4) The only way a Z/28 will be delivered beyond the initial allocation is for special order buyers. You are not just going to find one on a lot that is not accounted for already.

All in all, it seems that the Z/28 is much more like the COPO (other than being street legal) than the ZL1 or any other of the Camaro line. I am not sure this is a great approach but it seems that Chevy is willing to build a very limited production "street legal" track car which is very cool for those who can afford one. In the day of high volume and low margin, it appears that Chevy is willing to roll the dice on exactly the opposite, low volume and high margin, like most of your European exotics. Will it work? Guess we will have to wait and see.
Sounds a lot like how they initially brought in the ZL-1...Now look...just sayin'...
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