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You should be good with the 52lb injectors for now. I have a Turbo setup so I never used an intake, but I hear good things about the rotofab/air scoop combo.

As far as the fuel pump. Its not needed. But I feel if you are going to spend $250-300 on a BAP.. why not upgrade to the fuel pump as well.

I am running 10psi of boost with a stock fuel pump as of now with a BAP. And its fine. But I have a ZL1 fuel pump sitting on my table ready to go on. Wish it was out when I first did my Turbo kit.

The ADM FPCM( Fuel Pressure Control Module) is a replacemt computer to control the fuel pump that ADM designed. Because just dropping the fuel pump in without this piece wasn't working at its best. So on a sense its a properly tuned BAP that replaces your stock FPCM.

sent from my galaxy s3. that would explain the errors.
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