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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Absolute work of art. Your patience and persistence is just amazing. Can't wait to see what the final weight is going to be on this thing!
Thanks Doc, I can always count on you for encouraging words!
I will be attacking G5.R in two stages.
~Stage one will be to put everything back together and working all the mechanical bugs out.
~Stage two will be pulling it back apart and going more radical. Think......... removing factory shock tower and replacing all of it with chrome moly tubing and filling all the spaces between the tubes with carbon fiber inserts.

Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
Great choice. This has been an amazing project to watch come together and I can think of no better partner for the suspension than Pfadt.
I couldn't agree more!

Originally Posted by 572HP View Post
Wow! I wonder how long it would take for the new Z/28 brakes to be available. Wouldn't that be worth taking a look at? Maybe the guys at GM Performance would be able to hook you up???
Joe, that new Z/28 is crazy off the hook! Looks like I will be changing plans as to the carbon fiber body pieces I am recreating. I'm still going to go forward with those but I will be replacing them with Z2/8 pieces as soon as they are available. One of my pet-peeves with our cars is the fat butt they have. The Z2/8 rear diffuser gives the appearance of a smaller rear. I love it.

Originally Posted by driyac View Post
The z28 brakes look like the 6 piston brembos already used on the V and vettes

I going to see if I can get the info and will post what I find out.

The carbon ceramics not sure on
Originally Posted by dekan513 View Post
pfadt, is the way to go. love their stuff . nathan ur gonna have a work of art when u get done. U have done lots for the site . keep it up.
Thanks Dekan!

Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Thanks bro

Originally Posted by SPCBA View Post
weeee! another Moreno thread, cant beat that. the Moreno Bros garage and pfadt...america!
SPCBA, you can say that again, my two brothers have been helping me tremendously as we shoot for our targeted deadline.

Originally Posted by 1977and2010 View Post
Good choice with Pfadt. Nothing but good stuff to say about them. I'll be watching this for sure.

Quick update: Received my Hammerhead today.............

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HUH?...........HEY............WAIT..........WHAT?. ..............WHAT THE !!!!!...............................HELL????

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