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Originally Posted by 73camarolt View Post
Carlisle was alot of fun. Tag ur car was amazing and thanks again for the stickers!!! My dad actually did end up ordering a IOM from Tom Henry!
Sweet! Thanks for the compliments and tell your dad I said congrats! You know that you two won't be able to leave the car alone for long....It'll be picking up the car, taking it for a drive, and when you get home, you'll search and search for reasons to go and run errands!

Congrats again! And it was a pleasure meeting the both of you.
Originally Posted by Iroczlover View Post
Ok where is the pics of the People??????

Ya know like of TOM, Tag, Jeremy? those pics. we have all seen the cars but we dont get to see the PEOPLE> want pix, eh??? Boy, do I have pix for you!

You all know the bra and thong that showed up on Jeremy's Camaro. Well, that went up for auction. But, for it to be authentic, it had to be worn by Jeremy himself! My goodness, was the entire audience laughing their butts off on this one! And Jeremy was one heck of a sport to get up there in the pink undies and bra! Jeremy...that was priceless...and please don't kill me for posting these.... Hey, the money raised for you wearing the pink panties and bra went to a good cause....good man.
Originally Posted by Camino502 View Post
Hey Tag, me and the Family went to Sea World this weekend, and were driving back yesterday. Your car looked very sweet coming down 35. Thanks to your pics, you can spot the car a mile away, it looked very good
HA! You saw me coming down 35?!?! Too cool! You were headed home on NB 35?

And on the way home, I figured I'd see a few Camaros here and there. Well, I saw a black SS w/ red rally stripes on a car carrier headed towards Dallas (about 10 miles out). I saw a silver SS minus stripes on the back of a car carrying trailer (single car trailer) towed by a pick up. FINALLY, I get on 1604 just 10 minutes from my house and there is a brand new RJT LT about 5 cars in front of me. Needless to say, it was pedal to the metal to get around the others and get up next to them. We waved, gave a thumbs up, and headed off WB on 1604 headed home. Glad I had my I got a few pix of them in their new ride.

If you guys are on the boards, congratulations!!!

And here are those pix!
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